When I was at Denali National Park in Alaska, USA in 2019, I saw these bones at the Eielson Visitor Center.  The sign said that they were two adult male moose who had apparently fought with one another, and died with their antlers locked together.  Either moose could have saved himself (and the other) by simply lowering his antlers and disengaging from the fight.  But because they continued fighting, they died locked together.  I reflected on it a lot, as at the time I was starting to work with task force activities for teams that were struggling to work together. It is both man and animal instinct to keep fighting, to win, but too often, it ends in undesirable outcomes for both companies and the people involved (lost business, lost revenue, burnout and stress, attrition, etc).  I chose this image for this class, because while one person cannot solve all problems they are in, by understanding the other parties, they may be able to influence interactions for a better outcome.